Mixes from the archives: Why aren’t you rollerskating?

I just happened upon this old mix I did 4 or 5 years ago that I called “why aren’t you rollerskating?”. I found myself saying “oh shit I forgot about that jam” numerous times so I thought y’all might enjoy a listen too. Also some shit we still play all the time, approved cause you know, a classic jam is a classic jam.

You’ll notice a mention of the previous flavorheard name, the touch brigade, which consisted of me (innapropriate touch) drew2 (lingering touch i think?) the bogart (too hot too touch) and alex bisceglie (awkward touch). Pretty much a hiphop dj version of the spice girls I guess.


and here’s a picture of me getting ready go dance to larry’s dance groove with some hats on in the 80’s